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Traction Motors

-AC Drilling Motors
-DC Drilling Motors

Electric Motor Rebuilding

Joliet Equipment Corporation provides various electric motor services. We are capable of both AC & DC motor repair to 10,000 HP.


Electric Motor Rewinding


Rotating Apparatus Services

Joliet rebuilds, rewinds virtually any type of rotating apparatus, including AC & DC Traction Motors for Oil & Gas, Rail, Generators, Pump Motors & Gearboxes. We service high voltage, AC & DC, Synchronous, Wound Rotor Motors 24/7.

Custom Machining

Joliet is proud to handle all repair work in-house. Our one-stop-shop capability guarantees the excellent standard we strive to uphold in addition to streamlining the repair process by eliminating shipment time to outside machine shops. State of the art welders are utilized for MIG, TIG, Electric Arc, and Silver Solder Riser Welding. Joliet handles electric motor repair of various sizes.



Joliet undergoes a stringent electrical testing procedure to ensure that our motors are working properly and up to standard.



JOLIET Equipment Corporation specializes in new motors up to 30,000 HP in brands such as:

  • Leeson
  • TECO-Westinghouse
  • Baldor
  • WEG
Standard features found on our HITACHI motors include long-life copper bars, high starting torque rotor designs, oversized bearings, durable epoxy finishes and oversized terminal boxes. Custom frames to match your existing motors are available.

JOLIET Equipment Corporation continuously invests in global manufacturing alliances to bring the best in electric motors and related technology to America.

One of North America's leading suppliers of large, heavy-duty electric motors, JOLIET has been building ...